American Country Home: Important Furniture Maintenance Tips

When it comes to wood furniture cleaning, you just have to use mild dish soap and warm water. You can use a brush to get rid of hard-to-get corners and use a soft cloth or paper towels to wipe surface dirt. A wood furniture wax can be applied to provide a protective finish, buffing your furniture lightly with a soft cloth. In just a few minutes, you can see a beautiful shine on your furniture pieces that can last for many months. Never expose your wood furniture under the direct heat of the sun because it can fade and cook its fine finishes, dry out and shrink your furniture, and damaging it over time. Avoid placing your furniture near heating vents or units because the dry heat causes the wood to dry, crack, and shrink. In order to avoid this from happening, you can use a humidifier in the dry season to increase the moisture up to forty percent. Read more on American Country here.

If you see visible chips and scratches, you can use an appropriate color shoe polish to make them less visible. It is also a good idea to use a color matched felt-tip marker to hide these marks. If your wood furniture has metal hardware, you have to remove it first from the furniture. Just use a quality metal polish to make it shiny again. When you put it back on, be careful so you won't scratch the wood surfaces. Take one step at a time and avoid rushing to get all things done. As contrary to the marketing tactics, wood cannot be fed with oils or polishes, and once a wood has a protective finish, it is already sealed, thus no penetration happens. In order to help remove the hot coffee mug spot on your wood coffee table, rub it with a mild abrasive such as a non-gel toothpaste and baking soda mix or ashes and cooking oil mix. You can use a soft cloth or your finger to rub it carefully on spotted areas. You can also use a soft cloth or clean towel over the spots and carefully iron for ten to twenty minutes in a medium setting, keeping it moving and checking the progress frequently. See more at

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